Prof. Dan Zhang (Keynote Speaker)

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE)

Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC)

Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Fellow of Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME)

York University, Canada

Prof. Michael Y. Wang (Keynote Speaker)

Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Fellow of Hong Kong Institution Of Engineers (HKIE)

Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK


Prof. Songyi Dian (Keynote Speaker)

Senior member of Chinese Association of Automation

Senior member of China Instrument and Control Society and Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology

Executive Director of Sichuan Association of Automation and Instrument & Control

Sichuan University, China



Prof. Yiming Rong (Keynote Speaker)

Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Head of the Department of  Mechanical and Energy Engineering

 “John W. Higgins Professor of WPI”

South University of Science and Technology of China, China




 ICAIR Past Speakers

Prof. Xuechao Duan

Xidian University, China

Title: Mechanism Issues in Novel Antenna Mount

Prof. Fumin Zhang

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Title: Distributed Traversability Analysis and Path Planning under Communication Constraints

Prof. Michael Y. Wang

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong




Prof. Guangren Duan

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Prof. Yifei Pu

Sichuan University, China

Title: Analog Circuit Implementation of Fractional-Order Memristor: Arbitrary-Order Lattice Scaling Fracmemristor

Prof. Bin Li

Sichuan University, China

Title: CVaR-Based Robust Models for Portfolio Selection



Dr.Jan Faigl

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republi

Prof. Ruxu Du

SME Fellow; ASME Fellow;HKIE Fellow Professor Dept. of Mechanical & Automation Engineering Director Institute of Precision Engineering The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Prof. Jonathan Wu

Professor and Canada Research Chair Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Windsor
Title of Speech: Recent Developments in 3D Vision Techniques and Applications


Prof. Jongwon Kim

Seoul National University, South Korea

Prof. Xiaoping Liu

Carleton University,

Prof. Oded Maimon

Tel Aviv University ,


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